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Fiction Summer 2023 Workshop - "Character" July 10 session

Fiction Summer 2023 Workshop - "Character" July 10 session

Let’s write fiction together and let’s do it well.

In this workshop we’ll see how taking good fiction a little less seriously can lead to some seriously good fiction. We’ll read some writers who are revered for irreverently bending the rules, then try a few exercises that will make our attitude to rules more flexible. Finally, we’ll have the chance to bring in our own writing and discuss each other’s works.

Menahem Haike (Manny) holds a B.A in Written Arts from Bard College, where he studied under Lucy Sante, Jenny O’ffill, Valeria Luiselli and Dinaw Mengestu. He was inspired to do this workshop by the community he has been witnessing in De Stiil Bookstore. In the Fall, he will start his MFA in NYU’s Creative Writing Program in Fiction.