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The Others

The Others

A biting and propulsive thriller in which a pact made twenty years before lands one woman at the heart of a murder investigation--but is she the next victim, or the prime suspect?

A serial killer is on the loose in Tel Aviv. The victims are found tied to chairs with baby dolls glued to their hands, the word "mother" carved into their foreheads like a mark of Cain.
 As soon as Sheila Heller hears the news, while tucked away between the wax figurines of the Bible museum where she works, she knows the police will be calling. Sheila knew both victims. She suspects the killings have something to do with a pact their group all made at university--to never have children.
 What Sheila doesn't know is who is committing these gruesome acts of ritu-alistic violence, and whether she herself might be the next target. Now, with her life on the line, she will have to decide who can be trusted--and who is trying to make these women pay the ultimate price.