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Watercolors by Eleonora Marton

I remember a thick wool blanket as rough as sandpaper, and a king-size blue quilt that weighed tons. My favorite bedspread had an illustration of a town house with a red roof. There were people living in its rooms. My family’s old tv blanket now resides within a quilt I made.

Every year, the happy and comforting novelty of changing blankets as the seasons change. Waking up, kicking off the covers, a glimpse of a dream, rewinding, fast-forwarding, making the connections.

This little book by London-based author and illustrator Eleonora Marton weaves together patterns from a collection of watercolor studies called Blankets and a selection of drawings from the ongoing dream diary It Happened Last Night.

40 pages, paperback, 12×17 cm, b&w offset, sewn & glued
Printed on Arctic Munken Print Cream 115 and Pure Rough 300

Eleonora Marton is a Venice-born author and illustrator based in South East London. In addition to exhibiting her paintings, drawings, posters, and quilts internationally, she creates books and zines. She is the author of two children’s activity books, DIY ABC and Bigger (Cicada 2016, 2017), the picture books Monstres De Maison and Noël & Léon (Grasset 2020, 2022), and the concept book The Itch (Pato Lógico, 2021).

She is interested in the interactions between images and words, words and space, space and objects, objects and other objects, all those objects and humans, humans and the mundane, the mundane and narrative fragments, and narrative fragments and stories.