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Discovering Women Artists for Children

Discovering Women Artists for Children

COME LOOK WITH ME: DISCOVERING WOMEN ARTISTS FOR CHILDREN introduces children to twelve magnificent works of art. Children will share the excitement of Sofonisba Anguissola and her sisters; and feel their determination as they play in "The Chess Player." They will relax with Mary Cassatt in "The Tea Party," looking at how women lived, and ask questions about the roles women take. Children will also have fun examining their own faces and dress with Frieda Kahlo’s "Self Portrait With Monkey."

In this study of women artists, children will become familiar with painters who are often forgotten in art history books because of their gender. All these works are striking images, created by women who would not let society’s gender biases deter their love of art and their creativity, and who, today, can be accepted as equals. From the medieval realism in Artemesia Gentileschi’s "Lute Player," to the Impressionism of Berthe Morisot’s "The Coiffure," children can explore what differences there are in a woman’s way of painting and what they see. They can end up softly with Grandma Moses’ "Sugaring Off," or they can tease out the story in Faith Ringgold’s "Love in the School Yard."