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The Stranger Upstairs

The Stranger Upstairs

From the bestselling author of The Trap, a fast-paced psychological thriller about the slippery nature of truth that asks how well we know the ones we love.

Several years ago, your husband, and the father of your young son, disappeared. Since then, you’ve dreamt of his return; railed against him for leaving you alone; grieved for your marriage; and, finally, vowed to move on.

One morning, the phone rings. When you answer, a voice at the other end tells you your husband’s on a plane bound for home, and that you’ll see him tomorrow. You’ve imagined this reunion countless times. Of course you have. But nothing has prepared you for the reality. For the moment you realize you don’t know this man.

Because he isn’t your husband; he’s a complete stranger — and he’s coming home with you.

Even worse, he seems to know about something very bad you once did — something no one else could possibly know about… Could they?

From internationally bestselling author Melanie Raabe, The Stranger Upstairs is another dazzling and dizzying psychological thriller guaranteed to keep you guessing until the very last page.