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Zoe's Ghana  Kitchen

Zoe's Ghana Kitchen

Zoe's Ghana Kitchen was a pop-up restaurant in the UK that grew into a huge success by word-of-mouth. Here Zoe takes traditional Ghanaian recipes and re-mixes them for the modern kitchen. From Pan-roasted Cod with Grains of Paradise and Nkruma (Okra) Tempura to Coconut and Cassava Cake and Cubeb Spiced Shortbread, Ghanaian food is always fun, always relaxed and always tasty!

These fabulous Ghanaian dishes are homemade favorites, focusing on traditional avors with Zoe's twist. Simple to cook and very exible - you can take the basic principles and adapt them easily to what you have available in your cupboard or fridge - you can prepare your own wonderful vibrant Ghanaian dishes.