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Cover of Architecture of Being

Architecture of Being

Authored during the height of the pandemic amidst a period of self-reflection, culture and style impresario Alan Faena conceives a deeply personal framework of attributes to liberate the self in this highly personal manifesto exploring the constructs of human potential.

To build my dreams, I first had to build myself. In this book I share the secrets of that Architecture. — Alan Faena
As a creative with a highly personal vision of design, Alan Faena has produced some of the most extraordinary spaces in the recent past — from his ingenious reconstruction of an abandoned neighborhood in Buenos Aires to the heights of luxury in Miami Beach.
Faena now presents the guiding principles that have helped him produce these urban marvels. Authored during the height of the pandemic, Faena conceived a deeply personal framework of tenets that guided his journey of self-discovery and creativity.
Composed of eight thematic pillars — Creation, Vision, Weakness, Silence, Path, Present, Love and Architecture — these chapters explore the inspired source from which all creativity emanates, from the personal battles to the deliberate decisions that ultimately define Faena’s vision and infuse his imaginative vision.