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I'm a Fan

I'm a Fan

"A fast, fizzing cherry bomb of a debut . . . I'm a Fan will stick with you for a very long time." —The Observer

Astounding, addictive, and screaming with originality, I'm a Fan is a blisteringly smart novel on obsession and privilege.

I stalk a woman on the internet who is sleeping with the same man as I am.

The unnamed narrator in I’m a Fan is obsessed; obsessed with the married man she is sleeping with and with one of his other lovers who is an influencer.

Through the prism of this unequal, unfaithful relationship, she examines the complexities of desire and privilege. With an unforgiving eye, the narrator relentlessly dissects the behaviour of all involved in the entanglement, herself included, and makes startling connections between the power struggles at the heart of human relationships and those of the wider world. I’m a Fan offers an incandescent critique of class, race, social media, patriarchy’s hold on us, and our cultural obsession with status and how that status is conveyed.

In this gripping debut, Sheena Patel announces herself as a dynamic new voice in literature, capable of rendering a rollercoaster of emotions viscerally on the page.