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The Fire Witness

The Fire Witness

The third Joona Linna thriller is filled with twists, turns, and a ghost from the past. One of the most talked-about internationally bestselling crime series to come out of Sweden.

     Masquerading as a medium, Flora Hansen makes her money claiming she can commune with dead spirits. But after a gruesome murder at a rural home for wayward girls, Hansen begins to suffer visions that are all too real. One of the girls is missing, the walls of her room and her bed spattered with blood, a hammer under her pillow. All signs point to the runaway girl as the killer, but Flora Hansen says otherwise. She claims the real murder weapon is not the hammer, but a stone. No one takes Flora seriously – how could they, when she was nowhere near the scene of the crime? But one officer hears her out, albeit skeptically: Detective Inspector Joona Linna. Unwilling to accept easy answers, Linna's search leads him into darker, more violent territory – and to a shocking confrontation with a figure from his past.